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Rio Franklin Mills

Rio was born with right sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia. His bowel, colon and part liver had herniated into his chest. It was found when I was 28 weeks pregnant and he was given a 30 percent chance of survival. He was born by emergency cesarean at Jessops hospital Sheffield and after 8 hours of stabilising […]

Rowan Pearce

Rowan was born on 10th August 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. I remember sitting and reading these stories before he was born, the good and the bad, to try and prepare myself for what might come. It’s taken until now to share our story; I finally feel ready. Ours has a happy ending […]

Arlo Walton

At 33 weeks we found out our beautiful baby boy had CDH after many hospital appointments he was born at 38weeks, he had his surgery at 3 days old he’s now 3 weeks old and doing fantastic after a few ups and downs he’s finally managing to beat every milestone they give him.  


Lorenzo was born with a right side CDH repaired at day 2 at Great Ormond street hospital. He remained on life support for over 8weeks his lungs were very poorly and doctors weren’t sure the extent of the damage caused he then got moved to the local hospital were he remained for a further 4weeks. […]

George Alex

During my first pregnancy, at 20 weeks, our baby was diagnosed with CDH. We found at our local hospital and were given an appointment at St. Georges in London the next day to confirm the diagnosis. Once confirmed, we went through a numbers or test and scans – to confirm it was the only condition […]

Millie Mae Coad

Date Of Birth: 01-01-2022 At 28 weeks We went for a 4d scan and found out she had right sided Cdh . We had so many extra scans , tests and even had to go to London. We got given a 50 percent chance of survival and got given the option to have an abortion […]

Amelia Rhodes

Date Of Birth: 19-04-2020 Amelia was born with LCDH. She pulled through her operation really well and was really strong when they took her off the oxygen. She really struggled in hospital with the feeding part. She wouldn’t drink enough milk by herself which kept her in hospital for a while. Once she mastered drinking […]