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Take part in an event

One of the easiest ways to fundraise is to take part in an organised activity or event. CDH UK organises these kind of fundraisers throughout the year so keep checking our Fundraising Events  for information on new and upcoming activities and events.

Other organised activities and events are sponsored runs and walks organised by third parties, which require you to formally apply to participate and allow you to raise funds for your chosen charity.

Skydiving for CDH UK is a great way to raise funds and usually attracts a lot of interest from sponsors and is great for raising awareness of CDH. To obtain further information on this activity please contact us by emailing

Don’t forget to let everyone you know about your planned fundraising event and to raise further awareness of CDH and CDH UK why not contact your local newspaper or other media source to see if they are interested in doing a feature! We love to see your pictures too, which we can put on our Facebook page so let us know if you have any that we could feature.