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Help 4 Holiday

We recognise that planning a holiday with a sick child can be challenging and time consuming, not to mention worrying, with extra costs involved, extra things to pack and sometimes medical equipment to organise to take along. Then there is the worry of if something were to happen whilst you are away; have you made all of the necessary arrangements and taken out adequate travel insurance? Most holidays go ahead without a problem and the whole family has a great time, but we want to help you to have a AMAZING holiday! With our Help 4 Holidays Scheme, here is how we can help:

• Help with the cost of additional travel insurance costs relating to the CDH patient

• Help with the cost of medical equipment or aids, such as oxygen and associated supplies, or specialist travel buggies, both purchase or hire

We have also produced a downloadable checklist to help you organise and pack for all eventualities whilst away so that you can sit back and enjoy some holiday relaxation and fun!

There are also other charities that can help with funding holidays for sick children and their families. Please get in touch with us for further details.

Please note that we cannot consider any applications that are not accompanied by a proof of CDH diagnosis and that the maximum amount of claim is £1000 per family.


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