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Fundraising Resources

Fundraising falls into two main categories; ‘in aid of CDH UK’ or ‘on behalf of CDH UK’. Most of the fundraisers that are carried out are ‘in aid of’ and once you have told us what you are planning, we can promote it on our website and Facebook page and advise you on making the event a success and supply you with items to help with the event, but ultimately it will be your own event and you will be responsible for it.

Please use any of the resources below to promote your event, if you need any further information please contact us using

Fundraising Poster

Fill out and place our fundraising poster in as many places as possible to advertise your event!

Fundraising Application Form

If you are planning to organise a fundraiser in aid of CDH UK and you would like to use some of our fundraising aids such as balloons, information sheets or would like to use our logo to promote your event, then you will need to download a fundraising form and email it to us at

Create Your Own Fundraising Page

Click here to create a customisable CDH UK frundraising page.