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Millie Mae Coad

Date Of Birth: 01-01-2022

At 28 weeks We went for a 4d scan and found out she had right sided Cdh . We had so many extra scans , tests and even had to go to London. We got given a 50 percent chance of survival and got given the option to have an abortion however I was 29 weeks and chose to continue with my pregnancy . I got told the best thing I could do was to keep Millie in my belly as long as possible and to make sure she was a good weight . Not all pregnancies are perfect and that’s okay to think that. I got induced a few days before my due date and she was born on New Year’s Day 01.01.2022 at 3.03am , 39+4 weeks and weighed 7lb 13 . soon as she was born she got taken away and went into NICU, she had to be on a ventilator for a few days while they assessed how bad it was and if she would survive the surgery. Luckily enough on the 5th of January when she was only 4 days old !!! They agreed to do the surgery

She continued to be on a ventilator until they slowly started to wean her off. It was such a roller coaster she went back and forth on a ventilator and oxygen while her little body had to learn what she needed to do herself . After 3 weeks the surgeons finally allowed Millie to start having milk which she had through a feeding tube and then she learned how to have a bottle herself . Millie was in hospital for 29 days in total!!! Both NNUH and JPUH. I couldn’t thank them enough for saving our perfect little girl. I don’t talk about what happened at all but I’ve realised that she is our little blessing and she was worth every single bit of worry and stress. She is a little rainbow.