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Molly McGovern

This is my daughter Molly McGovern who is a CDH survivor,docs told us Molly wouldn’t leave the labour room alive although Molly didnt agree and she; got her repair when she was only 3 days old in Yorkhill Hospital in glasgow & has never looked back since, on the 17th of October we will be celebrating her […]

Lewis George Best

Lewis George Best was born 4 weeks early with a undiagnosed CDH at Warrington Hospital. My birth was quite quick so i was unable to have pain relief so when Lewis was born he wasn’t breathing properly more like hickups.  He was whisked of the special baby for check up due to being premature as […]

Daniel Bunn

My pregnancy had been normal and I was induced when Daniel was 10 days overdue. Three hours later his heart rate had suddenly dropped dangerously low and I was rushed to theatre.Daniel was lifeless at birth and resusitated in theatre, intubated and then x-rayed. This is when they found his CDH and he was transferred […]

Lucas James Cartner

It all started when we went for my 20 week scan. The midwife went through all the usual pleasantries and started checking the baby then…silence. I looked up at the scan asking her what was wrong. she stopped scanning and told us to sit in a room and a Doctor would be in with us […]

Iris Nawarski

Iris is a twin and had a left CDH diagnosed at the 20 week scan.  She was born at 37 weeks by elective section at St George’s Hospital.  She was taken straight to the fabulous NICU for breathing support via the oscillator.  At day 5 she was strong enough to have her CDH repaired and […]

Samuel McDonald

Samuel (sammy) wasn’t diagnosed with CDH until 5 after he was born at Birmingham women’s hospital, (a healthy 8lb 5oz) he was immediately put in a ventilator then oscillator then nitric oxide, he was a very poorly boy, every day he fought for his life and got stronger and stronger and one by the machines […]

Daisy Lavender

Daisy was born with a left sided CDH, involving, bowel, stomach & spleen. She had surgery on day 3 and came home on day 19! Currently no real side effects

Ellie Edmonds

It was the best feeling ever when me (Katie) and Andrew my partner found out we were expecting our first baby due 10/03/2012. It was going to be a girl! PERFECT! just what I was hoping for.All my appointments and scans confirmed we were going to have a healthy good sized baby. On 10/03/2012 I […]

James Grayson

James’ hernia was discovered at 28 weeks and thought to be very severe. As it turned out when he was born he didn’t need full ventilation, his repair happened two days later and went very well. After an infection and five weeks in Leeds neonatal unit we took him home. He is now a happy […]