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Samuel McDonald

Samuel (sammy) wasn’t diagnosed with CDH until 5 after he was born at Birmingham women’s hospital, (a healthy 8lb 5oz) he was immediately put in a ventilator then oscillator then nitric oxide, he was a very poorly boy, every day he fought for his life and got stronger and stronger and one by the machines were turned down or off, he was moved to birmngham children’s hospital 7 days later at under went his repair at 10days old, the surgery was a success and he was taken off the ventilator and every day since sammy has grew stronger her eventually came out of hospital at 5 weeks old with no oxygen and a big smile!! Sammy is now is 18 weeks old and is a very happy content little boy with lots of loving family and friends waiting to give him big munches!!!!!! We are very proud mommy and daddy and love our brave little soldier loads!!!!!