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Join us in our National campaign to raise awareness of CDH by ‘popping’ up posters in public places local to you.

There are lots of Social network sites that can act as a great platform to raise awareness of CDH, but there are lots of people out there who are not users of these sites, or visit them infrequently. There are also people who choose not to use the internet, or don’t have access to it. Posters are a great way to get a message out there and can be displayed in places where large numbers of people pass through or visit to allow as much exposure as possible to be achieved. They are used by many charities and have been done for many years to gain support & raise awareness of their cause, so naturally designing our own poster was always on our ‘to do’ list and with the amazing amount of fundraising that has been done by you this year it has made this possible – so well done!!

Some examples of the places you can put up the posters are:

Community Centres

Public libraries


Information centres

Activity & Leisure centres

Childrens play centres

Mother & baby groups

Childrens Nurseries


Petrol stations


And there are many more.

Of course we always advise that you request permission prior to putting up the posters, as some venues require Head Office permission to allow posting of any kind and some may not allow posting at all. The Proprietor, Manager or someone in authority should be able to help you.

The poster design is bright & therefore eyecatching, it is A3 in size and has a matt sheen finish. It is representitive of the approximate 1:2500 babies diagnosed with CDH and each baby is represented with our logo (of which there are 2500 we are told!) the 1 baby diagnosed with CDH is depicted in white, to stand out from the rest and this is therefore the ‘1’ in 2500. The writing is set inside a circle pointing to the white logo, which is representitive of a hole in the diaphragm and the wording focuses on the message that CDH is fatal in some cases, can lead to long term suffering for some survivors, that it could affect them or their family and that although described as a rare birth defect, it actually is more common than people perceive it to be. The call to action from the poster is that the viewer visits the CDH UK website to find out about CDH and informs them that this will help babies & families. How will the viewer help? by hopefully telling others about CDH, donating & fundraising. The more people that know about CDH the more chance we have of campaigning for further research into the cause, prevention & better treatments of CDH.

To volunteer and to obtain your free posters, please contact referencing your email ‘Poster Campaign’ and provide us with your full address details. The posters are sent free postage in a tube containing 5 no. posters, but if you require more just let us know. Remember also that you can share this poster around facebook to raise even more awareness and you can ask your family & friends if they would like to ‘Pop Up A Poster’ too!