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Our New Name

Further to our recent announcement informing you of our application to the Charity Commission to register a new name for our charity, we are pleased to be able to inform you that the register has been updated accordingly and our new name is:

CDH UK – The Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Charity 

The change will not show on the Charity Commission website for another few days and we have also requested to retain Cherubs UK as a working name on the register, which will also assist with the transition from Cherubs UK to CDH UK.

Over the next few coming weeks the logo will be updated to reflect the new name, as will the website and downloadable CDH information booklet. The facebook page will be a little more complicated, due to the fact that because we have over 100 fans/members we are unable to change the name of the page. This will mean that initially only the logo will be replaced and then a new page will be created in the new name, which will run alongside the existing page until such a time as the transition is complete. Once we have transferred picture albums, notes & links etc to the new page, we will inform you and then require you to ‘like’ the new page. We will also set the existing page up to open on a landing page to re-direct new families or people who are unaware of the changes to the new page.

We have very limited stock of CDH awareness items left and so we can now order new items to reflect our new name very shortly and would hope that they will be available to purchase by the end of June. Of course our CDH awareness badges are unaffected by this change and are still available to order through our online shop.

Our services to families and medical professionals will remain exactly the same with more improvements and services being added in the future. All donations will be received in the same manner and our fundraising policy and procedures will be unaffected.

We would like to thank you all in advance for ‘bearing’ with us through the transition period and for your continued support.

CDH UK (formerly Cherubs UK)