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New professional counselling service for CDH families

We are constantly working to improve the services and support offered to families affected by CDH and we are pleased to announce our new counselling service funded by Cherubs UK in partnership with the UK registered charity’ The Child Bereavement Charity’. This service is available to family members who feel that they require one to one bereavement counselling on an ongoing basis. This will work on a referral basis, whereby family members who we feel will benefit from this professional counselling will be offered the service, or the service will be requested by the individual.

It is proposed that in the first instance, bereaved parents would be invited to call the Charity’s Support and Information Line (Monday- Friday 9am – 5pm) where a trained support worker would talk with them to establish their needs and how these might best be met. At this stage they would be able to provide families with helpful information, as well as letting them know what support services may be available to them local to where they live. Parents would then be offered the opportunity to book regular telephone support sessions with the Child Bereavement Charity, if no support is available in the part of the country in which they live.


About The Child Bereavement Charity


The Child Bereavement Charity is the UK’s leading charity that supports families and educates professionals both when a child dies and when a child is bereaved. Every year the charity trains around 5000 professionals across health care, social care, education, the emergency services and the voluntary sector. It also provides a national support and information service, award-winning resources, an interactive website with online forums, and Buckinghamshire-based family bereavement support.


Their national support line receives approximately 1500 calls and emails each year. This places them in a unique position to be able to hear from parents and professionals of their needs and the gaps in services.  Their national database holds information on approximately 350 organisations across the UK who support families when a child dies or is bereaved. However, they have become increasingly aware that while there are a number of parent peer support organisations across the country that they can signpost families to, there are frequently gaps, in many areas of the country, for parents following the death of a baby or child, who are requesting professional support. Their unique position of also supporting children who are bereaved means they can also offer support to parents in relation to the needs of siblings.

If you feel that you require professional counselling or would like to discuss our new service further please contact us by emailing or call our freephone support line 0800 731 6991

PLEASE NOTE: This service is funded by Cherubs UK and is only available through Cherubs UK and not directly with the Child Bereavement Charity. The service and counselling sessions will be provided at our discretion.