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Holby City CDH storyline

A CDH storyline starts on Tuesday 10th September 2013 on The TV programme Holby City, which airs on BBC1 at 8pm and BBC Scotland 10.40pm. The storyline involves two of the main characters and spans over a few episodes. CDH UK have worked with the programme researchers and scriptwriters in the hope that the facts relating to CDH are portrayed as accurately as possible. We were invited to the BBC’s Elstree Studios to meet with some of the Holby City Team to express our interest in helping them to portray the storyline as accurately as possible and to ensure that they provided support information for viewers. We hope that this raises lots more awareness on top of the amazing amount already raised by Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute and ITV’s Happy families. We do however wish to remind you that this is a TV drama. CDH UK has no responsibility or jurisdiction on the final scripts used, or how the characters or story were or will be portrayed in the episodes. This storyline may be difficult for some people to watch and particularly CDH families. If anyone is affected by the storyline please contact our freephone supportline 0800 731 6991 or email please see links below to see further information on the BBC website