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CDH Awareness Video

We are extremely pleased and proud to present to you the very 1st edit of our CDH Awareness Film. We are aware of a couple of errors and it is not the finished article. This film has taken an awful lot of time, effort and thought and we would like to show it to you all before it goes to final edit, so that we can have your feedback. The film lasts approx. 13 minutes and will be our Charity’s main awareness film. There will be another film released at a later date focusing more on the medical overview of CDH. Thank you so much to everyone involved in the making of this film. The song accompanying the photo montage at the end was written and performed by A CDH Auntie especially for you all and is called ‘My Child’…….We hope you enjoy this 1st edit as much as we did….We dedicate this film to ALL families, babies, children & adults affected by CDH ♥