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CDH Awareness Month is June!

Join us throughout June to raise extra CDH Awareness by joining in with our activities to help spread the word and educate others about Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and it’s complications.

The Breathless 4 Babies challenge can be carried out anytime during June and is a great way to raise awareness by nominating friend on social media to join in too…….here’s how:

Make a short video of yourself  undertaking an activity or sport that makes you breathless and then say ‘I’m Breathless 4 Babies to raise CDH awareness’ then post your video on social media and our facebook page using all the hashtags




If you prefer something less strenuous, then hold a Bake 4 Babies cake sale at work, at school……..anywhere you like if fact. Contact us for a free fundraising pack at

Finally for CDH awareness Day on the 28th June we would like to make a video containing what CDH means to our families and to tell the world how it impacts on babies, children and adults and their families. Simply record your self saying just the 3 words that describe CDH to you and then send the video in to us by emailing or by inboxing it to our facebook page (not directly on the page time line please). We will then edit all of the clips together to make one video.

Don’t forget to tweet, instagram, pin and blog about CDH all this month too! Just do whatever you can to help.