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Amelia-Rose Levi Perry

At 19 weeks pregnant we got the CDH diagnosis and we got told it was severe. After weeks of testing and appointments we got told she would be unlikely to survive and I wouldn’t make it to full term. However out daughter proved everyone wrong and at 39 weeks she came into the world screaming and fighting weighing 8lbs 15oz. At first Amelia-Rose was doing absolutely amazing and proved to everyone she was a little fighter. Things then took a nasty turn when she was a week old and we got told she likely won’t make it. She then had a 5 hour operation at 2 weeks old and came through it stronger. As the days passed she continued to fight and slowly they began to lower her medication. Then at 3 months old after an emergency scan we got told she had to have another operation as she had a bowel kink. After spending 3 months in NICU she got moved to peadatrics and I was able to stay with her. At peadatrics they slowly lowered her medication, managed to get her onto feeds and get her off her oxygen. After 4 long months she was finally able to come home and she is doing amazing!

Date Of Birth: 2023-07-19