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Theodore ‘Teddy’ John Biggs

Date Of Birth: 2023-09-18
Date Of Passing: 2023-09-18

Teddy was diagnosed with a severe left side CDH from our 20 week scan.

We were treated by Kings College Hospital who offered us the FETO treatment as his chances were so low. The decision wasn’t easy as we understood the risks however we wanted to give him the best chance.

At 26 weeks we had the procedure, and the next two scans showed his lungs were developing. His LHR ratio went from 18% to 38% in 3 weeks.

Sadly however, at 29 weeks I started leaking fluids, doctors confirmed at first it was thrush however a few days later I started contracting.

On Monday 18th September at 3AM we arrived at our local hospital, who confirmed my waters had broken but also I had an infection and was quite poorly. I was already 4cm dilated so it was too late and risky to be transferred to Kings College.

Everything from here moved so quickly, and the fluids they gave me were not bringing mine or Teddy’s heart rate down, therefore the safest option was an emergency c section.

Teddy was born at 9:14am and let out a little cry to the surgeon, Teddy fought so hard however at 9:38am passed away. There were too many factors against Teddy but he really tried to stay with us.

After Teddy’s passing we were able to spend as much time with him as we wished in a dedicated room for lost babies. We spent 5 days soaking up every last minute with him, making memories together, arts and crafts, we even took him on a couple of walks in the sunshine. We will forever be grateful to the hospital team for making this time happen.

CDH UK have been an amazing help throughout this very difficult time, from us first finding out about Teddy’s diagnosis and even now still offering so much support. We will always be grateful and hopefully one day can help give back.