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Owen Bloomfield

Owen was born on the 23rd July 2009 with left sided cdh, 2 holes in his heart and pulmonary hypertension in his lungs. He was taken over to Yorkhill hospital straight away and eventually a few hours later i got to see my baby boy. We were told that with all 3 conditions his chance of survival was slim and that he may only live for 24 hours. Our wee fighter kept on fighting and at 5 days old we were told if he wasn’t stable or making an improvement they would have to turn off all the machines. The day after he was like a completely different baby pulling through and getting stronger day by day. He eventually got his cdh op and everything was looking up untill 50cm of his small intestine died off and he almost died. They had to do an emergency op to remove the dead parts and attatch them again, and they also put in a gastostamy tube for drainage which we later used as his feeding tube. Owen was getting stronger day by day, was still on meds and wasn’t able to have high volumes of milk so they decided to put in a nj tube. Normaly they would just insert it but owens stomach is shaped like a u instead of an s so they had to do another op to insert it coming out of his stomach. At the end of 2009 Owen was eventually strong enough to have his heart op to patch the holes after catching infection after infection through his central line. After Owen had his heart op it was amazing he was a completely different boy he had colour in his cheeks and the pulmonary hypertension was dissappearing but he still had to stay on his meds. About a month later we were then told that we would be taking our little boy home soon and eventually on Jan 18th 2010 we took our gorgeous wee fighter home, still fed through a tube via a pump 247 and on meds but our little boy was coming home.
Now Owen is 2years and 4months old and he is doing great. He has been off all meds for months and is now eating and drinking himself, which he has been doing for almost a year now, and about 6months ago i removed his tubes. I am so proud of my liitle man he sure proved everyone wrong, we were told he wouldn’t live for 24hours-he is now older then 24months, we were also told that he would probably be on meds and tube fed for the rest of his life he also proved them wrong again.
All i can say is never give up, I almost did. I know it can be hard but we get there in the end. Have faith and my thoughts are with you all xxx