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Jaxson Wallace George Garland

Date Of Birth: 2022-06-30
Date Of Passing: 2022-06-29

At 20 weeks we found out that our little boy had CDH it was a shock to be told that our little one had a health condition and he had a 50% survival rate to start with.
We had to go to Bristol for more tests which confirmed that our little boy had CDH but unfortunately his survival chance got lower again they spoke about termination but we didn’t want that we wanted to give our baby a chance to fight.
I had to be closely monitored ended up having scans every 2 weeks. As little man wasn’t growing like he should and my fluid level was slowly increasing.
We had another appointment in Bristol which was more intense meeting the surgeon and main doctor being told that things aren’t going to be easy. They decided I should be induced at 38 weeks so that’s what we were getting ourselves prepared for.
I had a scan on Friday the 24th and little man had gained a good amount of weight and my fluid level was good so they decided I didn’t need another scan this put me into panic mode as I still had time to be having one more scan…
On Tuesday the 28th I started not feeling right but with stress of everything getting closer I didn’t think anymore into anything but my belly hadn’t been feeling right and I was questioning if I had felt our boy move or not. I had a routine check the next day at this point being 36 weeks it took 3 of them to check with the doopler and not find heartbeat at thst moment I knew my boy had gone, I had to go to the hospital for a scan and that confirmed that our baby boy had given up his fight there was no beating heart. I just broke down and instantly blamed myself. I stayed in the hospital seeing different people then had to take a tablet to bring on labour. I went home feeling numb and contractions started that night but yhen when I went to he’d they stopped. The next morning they came back again coming faster and strong so went into hospital. I had a beautiful relaxing room to have our little boy in qnd 2 amazing midwives just for me. I got examined after half an hour of being there and was already 8cms gone but waters hadn’t broken and my pain was bare able it soon intensified and I had gas and air got comfy and before I know it everything was happening. I gave birth to our baby boy at 1313 he weighed 4lbs 12oz and was perfect. Our family came in and spent the day with us we had our little boy blessed and made memories. Myself and my husband stayed the night with him then said goodbye on the Friday after I had got him dressed. It was the hardest thing ever but brought so much comfort. Our beautiful boy did amazing yo come as far as he did but he choose.that he didn’t want to go on anymore and thats okay we miss him and wish things could be different but we are happy he isn’t suffering.
He’s now flying high our angel boy.