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Imogen Leena Hope Williams

Imogen Leena Hope Williams was born on 30/12/12 at 7.06 am, at Southampton Princess Anne Hospital. She had left sided CDH. My waters had ruptured Christmas day 2012 and I had been in hospital since then. Imogen was born at 34 weeks, so as well as having CDH she was six weeks prem. Day one Imogen stabilised and appeared to be doing well until about 6pm when she had a blip. She stabilised again that evening and had a really good night. However at 7am on 31/12/12 Imoge took a turn for the worse. She fought all day but she was getting more and more poorly. Her bp and oxygen levels were dropping and her left lung ‘popped’ due to the ventilator making it work too hard. We made the difficult decision to turn off her ventilator. Due to the norovirus outbreak the NICU was on lock down but they made an exception and Imogen’s Grandma and Grandad and Auntie Tish came up too say hello and goodbye all at the same time. Me and Ben spent some time with Imogen, having cuddles and taking photo’s. Those few hours are some we will never forget. Imogen slipped away peacefully in my arms at 20:11 on new years eve. My beautiful little girl was taken too soon by the monster that is CDH.