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George Jennings

We didn’t know anything was wrong until George couldn’t breathe at birth. The emergency button was pressed and the room filled with people who rushed to help my baby to breathe. He turned pink and I got a brief look at him before he was taken away.
Four hours later I got to go to NICU and was told about CDH. He had his repair two days later and did well. He failed to come off his ventilator at first but four weeks later we were home. Overall. it was a terrifying and stressful experience.
George was a difficult baby due to reflux and cried a lot. In his first 18 months he had to return to hospital multiple times due to infections and difficulty breathing. At 8 weeks old he had a gastric bug but at first they thought the hernia and reoccurred. That was awful.
Now though George is a very happy two year old. He has no developmental delays and his reflux has gone. He likely has asthma and has been diagnosed as a ‘happy wheezer’. We are still waiting for an operation for an undescended testicle ( he had bilateral undescended testes due to the hernia) but his future is very bright.