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Ezz El Deen

We discovered our baby’s condition at 21st week of pregnancy. We talked with every doctor about that condition. We started reading every piece of information we could find on the web. Nobody could till us what would actually happen or how it’s going to be like. It all depends on my baby lung condition and his ability to get better. He arrived to this world quietly after 38 weeks of pregnancy. His left lung was so tiny because his stomach, intestine and spleen went up to his chest through the defect of his diaphragm. His right lung was so exhausted to do all the work alone. That was the hardest part of the story… WAITING. Waiting for his right lung to be stronger to give him a chance of survival after the surgery. We didn’t know for how long, we didn’t know anything. Our doctors told us one thing: pray. Those were the longest 28 days of our life. There was nothing to do, no cure, no procedures, just waiting for his lung to get better.
And we got the CALL..he was ready for the procedure. The procedure went well, his diaphragm muscle wasn’t enough to close the defect, so they used a mesh to complete it.
After removing back his organs to his abdominal cavity, his left lung started to grow. It would take long time to perform its function normally, but at least, it EXISTS.
The next phase was feeding. They started to give him pedialyte through nasal tube, and then formula. After 10 days he was ready for bottle feeding.
After 77 days, my baby was ready to go home. We were so blessed, we were so lucky. Thanks to GOD, my baby was healthy with no other defects. THANKS GOD…