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Emma Fahey

Emma was born on 2nd August 2004, with a LCDH, which we had found out about 6 weeks previously. She had been given a 20% chance of survival.She had her repair at 4 days old, and came home aged 4 weeks and 1 day. Over the next 2 years, Emma was readmittedĀ  to hospital several times with chest infections and breathing problems, but seemed to get stronger as she got older. Speech therapy when she was 2 kick started her talking, as she could only say a few words then. Now she chats all the time. Emma joins in everything normally at school, and loves horseriding. She has a few feeding issues in that she likes a very limited diet of plain pasta, crackers, cheese, yoghurt and fruit. This can be awkward at times, but she seems to thrive on it. We are amazingly fortunate that Emma has none of the ongoing problems associated with CDH and has done so well given her prognosis before birth. My heart goes out to any family having to face what we did 6 years ago.