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Callum Jamie Reece Austin

In July 2000 our world came crashing down when we were told at our 20 wk scan that our baby boy Callum had a right sided CDH. We were given the option to end the pregnancy, or carry on. We didn’t even need to think about it; no way was I going end our baby boys life without giving him a chance. After a long trip to Great Ormond Street hospital and King’s College hospital to see specialists, we went back to our hospital in Norwich. I had several procedures done where they inserted shunts to drain off fluid, weekly scans and over night stops in hospital. On Tuesday 17th October 2000 I was booked in for a c section. I was so excited to finally meet our baby but also scared. The day he was born we didn’t hear any cries nothing. I got a glimpse of him as he was wheeled passed to go to the sbcu. At first we were told he was doing well. But things turned for the worse and there was nothing more they could do. Callum was taken off his ventilator and laid in my arms to take his final breath, I got to bath him dress him and cuddle him for two days until it was time to leave. Callum Jamie Reece Austin I love you always my baby boy xxxxx