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Amelia Madison Maskrey

Millie was born in November 2014, 8yrs after her big brother who also was born with a rare condition (Tracheo Oesophegeal Fistula/Oesophageal Atresia). The pregnancy with Millie was straight forward, though I was kept a close eye on due to her brothers issue.
I managed to do a lot of firsts with Millie that I couldn’t do with her brother, though she didn’t feed for long periods of time, my health visitor wasn’t very helpful and just said “some babies snack” this went on for some months, then when she turned 22months old after a day out she suddenly refused to eat, kept retching and so we took her to out of hours and they said it was viral. Still wasn’t happy so the following day took her to our GP who thankfully was on the ball and sent us straight to the hospital. After what felt like a lifetime, scans, bloods etc. we were blue lighted to St George’s where it was confirmed she had LCDH and that her intestines were mm’s from her heart and her lung was squashed. The surgical team couldn’t believe what they were seeing, as it had been the first in that age they had seen. They couldn’t tell us if she would recover. Like her brother, she is built of strong stuff and after 5 days of us both being at the hospital and daddy, big brother and grandad coming to see her every day we finally got her home. Now she is 5 years old, doesn’t stop eating and loves life. Though like both kids we watch her like a hawk for signs of any issues. To the #NHS we are forever grateful and owe both our babies lives to them. They really are angels.