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Alvaro Newbold

Alvaro was diagnosed with CDH at 20 weeks in Watford hospital and we were immediately referred to UCHL. During the next 18 weeks we were told he had a very good chance of survival as the Liver was down and the LHR was good. I remember asking the lead specialist his chances and was encouraged by his 70% answer. Alvaro was born at UCHL weighing a healthy 2.95kg on the 24th June 2011 and was put on a ventilator and stabilised for 6 days before transferring to GOSH where he had his surgery which took 3 1/2 hours. After a week he was transferred back to Watford SCBU and steadily grew stronger until he was allowed home on the 23rd July. He is putting on weight and has no issues at the moment. Thanks to the magnificent work by many people during the last 6 months we are blessed to have a second son. Even in our darkest days we clung to the fact that where there is life there is hope.