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Caden Churcher

Our little Caden, our 2nd son, was born at 35 weeks by emergency c-section due to no movememnt, we didnt realise he would have problems other than an enlarged kidney but my pregnancy had been tough with lots of unusal things happenning.
He  was very unwell in the Nicu and went from being ok to going straight back down, they ran lots of tests as he has other problems and couldnt find what was wrong, he eventually became so sick there was nothing more our local could do for him and he was send to Great Ormond Street and it was there they discovered he has a right sided diaphragmatic hernia and his liver was in his lung space, he was 10 weeks old at this point.
They did his repair and he has a gortex patch and he has improved since, Caden came home at 12 weeks old but sadly was taken in back in as he stopped breathing and sent back to GOSH as he has a narrowing in his airway!
The 1st year was tough for him and he was in and out with RSV chest infections etc and gaining weight was hard but by his 2nd year he was coming on really well.
Caden still has on going issues but has just turned 6 and is a very happy little boy with real character!

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