Beverley Power

Chairperson of CDH UK 2019 – present

Secretary of CDH UK 2010-2019

Beverley began volunteering for the charity in 2009.

Married with three children and two Grandchildren, Beverley has had various personal life experiences which she feels have given her the ability to undertake her role much more empathetically, and none more so than the impact of a CDH diagnosis on her family and the subsequent loss of her Grandson.

She has volunteered for the charity since 2009 and is also a Trustee.

Beverley has a special interest in research and advocacy and also acts as the Research and Development Officer for the Charity.

She has attended and completed various courses and workshops to develop her expertise in CDH and particularly in research, advocacy and patient support and represents CDH UK on various collaborative programmes, networks and initiatives, helping to develop standards, policies, best practices and networks.

Her aim as Chairperson of CDH UK is to evolve the charity further, and to develop collaborations, improve statistics, care and outcomes in line with the charity’s constitution.

Beverley’s background started in healthcare when she first left education to study to become a nurse, she then went on to have family and eventually went back to full time work changing her career completely and became a Project Manager working in the construction industry. in 2011 following a life changing illness she decided to take up yoga and trained to become a teacher, becoming certified and accredited in 2019. In her spare time Beverley loves to travel, practice yoga and study.

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